For Attendees

INSTRUCTION for virtual conference websiteHOW TO VIEW & VOTE FOR POSTERS

For Speakers

  • Please check the following file for the session overview.
  • Slide format
    template oraltemplate poster
    template Video

For Speakers of Session 1-9 & Oral Sessions

For speakers who join the session ONSITE

If you are to come to the venue, you do not need to pre-record your video.
No particular slide format is required to be used.

For speakers who join the session ONLINE:

If you are to join the conference online, we will stream and play the presentation video you submit instead of you.
The question and discussion session will be held live using zoom right after the presentation video is streamed.

Data submission due 5 pm November 29 JST
What to record The presentation video with narration
Slide format Use "Template (Oral)" -16:9
Please add your name, affiliation and session name on the right as requested in the template slide.
Data to be prepared PowerPoint presentation video with narration (.mp4)
Face camera Required to be on
Duration See the email we sent individually
File name Name the file as "abstract number_your name"
How to submit Please submit the mp4 data here
Conflict of interest Please self-disclose the COI status in your presentation next to the cover page (title slide).


For Speakers of Poster Sessions

We would like you to submit your presentation files as below.
*As we mentioned, poster data will be streamed on-demand. There will not be live poster presentations or live Q&A sessions.

1. ****DUE****

5:00pm, November 29, 2021 JST

2. What to submit:

Please submit both (A) a poster slide and (B) a one-minute summary video.

(A) Poster slide (PPT)

Please use the Template (Poster).
*Please do not use more than one slide. You do not record narration/voice.

(B) One-minute summary presentation video with narration that summarizes your poster (MP4)

Duration: 1 min total with up to 2 slides
Data format: .mp4 Video
Slide format: Please use the Template (Poster Summary Video) if you like

**How to make a one-minute summary video**