The 24th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Association for Dental Science

第24回日本歯科医学会学術大会 第24回日本歯科医学会学術大会

2021年9月23日(木)~25日(土) / 会場:パシフィコ横浜 / 会頭:住友雅人 日本歯科医学会会長 / 併催行事:日本デンタルショー2021

Congress Information

Congress Name

The 24th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Association for Dental Science


A Brand New Take: Dentistry’s Challenge in the Lead-up to 2040


Japan Dental Association (JDA)
Japanese Association for Dental Science (JADS)

Supporting Organizations


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Japanese Dental Science Federation
Science Council of Japan
Kanagawa prefecture
Yokohama City
Japanese Association for Dental Research
Council of Japan Dental Science of Societies

Cooperating Organizations

Kanto District Dental Associations
Tokyo Dental Association

Online Meeting Period

Live Streaming : Thursday, September 23 – Saturday, September 25, 2021
On-demand : Sunday, September 26 – 5:00 p.m., Sunday, October 31, 2021


Opening Ceremony
Opening Lecture
International Session
International Session (Lecture) *See below for details
International Session (Symposium) *See below for details
Dental Hygienist’ Session
Dental Technician’ Session
Table Clinic
Poster Session
Public Forum
Closing Ceremony

International Session (Lecture)

International Session (Lecture) 1
Why do we need a highly structured, artificially intelligent EMR in OFP?

September 24th (Fri.) 11:10–12:10

Moderator : Masakazu Okubo (Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo, Department of Removable Prosthodontics, Orofacial and Head Pain Clinic, Council Member of the Japanese Society of Orofacial Pain)
Speaker : Clark Thomas Glenn (Division of Diagnostic Sciences, School of Dentistry, University of Southern California, Los Angeles Calif, USA)

International Session (Lecture) 2
Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Oral Health - WHO perspectives

September 24th (Fri.) 16:10–17:10

Moderator : Hiroshi Ogawa (Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Niigata University, WHO Collaborating Centre for Translation of Oral Health Science (JPN-75))
Speaker : Benoit Varenne (NCD Department, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland)

International Session (Symposium)

International Session (Symposium) 1
Basics and Applications of Periodontal Regenerative Therapy

September 24th (Fri.) 9:00–11:00

Moderator1 : Shinya Murakami (Department of Periodontology, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry)
Moderator2 : Yasuhiro Takai (Japanese Academy of Clinical Periodontology)
symposiast : Takanori Iwata (Department of Periodontology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU))
The Transition of Periodontal Regeneration and Cytotherapy
Toshio Ohkawa (Private Practice in Hyogo <Ohkawa Dental Clinic Director>)
Application and Possibilities for Periodontal Regenerative Therapy
Anton Sculean (Department of Periodontology, School of Dental Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland)
Basics and Applications of Periodontal Regenerative Therapy, Present Status and Future Prospects of Regenerative Periodontal Therapy

International Session (Symposium) 2
International Dental Cooperation : Now & In the Future

September 24th (Fri.) 14:00–16:00

Moderator : Iwao Saigou (Senior executive director of the Kanagawa Dental Association)
symposiast : Yoshihide Ota (Department of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery, Tokai University, School of Medicine)
Medical support for oral cancer treatment in Bangladesh
Kakuhiro Fukai (Fukai Institute of Health Science)
Sustainable oral health promotion in Asian countries:The role of NGOs
Dong Ngo Khanh (University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Vice President, Vietnam Odonto Stomatological Association (VOSA), Vice President, Ho Chi Minh City Odonto Stomatological Association (HOSA))
The purpose and History of HOSA's International Exchange and Cooperation Projects with KDA and other Countries
Nobuharu Suzuki (Kanagawa Dental Association)
International exchange of the Kanagawa Dental Association -Joint project with Ho Chi Minh City Odont-Stomatological Association -

In conjunction with

Annual meetings of the Kanto District Dental Associations
Annual meetings of the specialized and authorized organizations of JADS

Joint Event

Japan Dental Show 2021
The show will be held in the PACIFICO Yokohama “Exhibition Hall”.

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