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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I would like to welcome you to Sendai and Tohoku, Japan for the 30th International Tsunami Symposium on 1-3 July 2021 which is the 10th year anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. This meeting brings together scientists, engineers and practitioners from all over the world to discuss the state of the art and the latest advances in tsunami science and engineering for better tsunami disaster preparedness/awareness, response, mitigation, and reconstruction , which is called the disaster management cycle.

The scene of an event that occurred about 9 years ago in 2011, when a large earthquake in Tohoku area off the Pacific Ocean generated a killer tsunami that claimed about 19,000 lives, destroyed 2,000,000 houses and caused economic losses not less than US$200 billion.

At the conference, we will cover several different topics spanning a wide range of tsunami-related topics. Thus, we believe this event will be very effective in helping us share knowledge, lessons and the latest findings in the science and technology of tsunamis, particularly after three major events in the last two decades: the 2004 Indian Ocean, the 2010 Maule, the 2011 Chile, the 2011 Tohoku, and the 2017 Palu and Sunda Indonesia tsunamis.

Therefore, I look forward to your participation in this very important event and to meeting you at the 30th International Tsunami Symposium in Sendai.

Fumihiko Imamura
Chairperson of Committee of the ITS 2021
International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University

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