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The 9th Asia Pacific Enterostomal Therapy Nurse Association Conference
    Joint with The 30th Japanese Society of Wound, Ostomy & Continence Management

9th APETNA and 30th JWOCM

Clinical Congress President: Hiromi Sanada

Integrating Science and Art for Next Generation WOC Management
Integrating Science and Art for Next Generation WOC Management
APETNA Asia Pacific Enterotomal Therapy Nursing Association 9th, JWOCM Japanese Society of Wound ,Ostomy & Continence Management 30th

Scientific Program

Program Outline

(As of April 22, 2021)
Day 1
July 3 (Sat)
Day 2
July 4 (Sun)
Day 3
July 5 (Mon)
  • Presidential Lecture
  • Special Lecture
  • Educational Lecture
  • Symposia
  • Workshops
  • JWOCM 30th
    Anniversary Lectures
  • Special Lectures
  • Symposia
  • Workshops
  • Special Lecture
  • Educational Lecture
  • Symposia
  • Workshops
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Closing Ceremony

Oral presentations, ePosters, and sponsored seminars will be available anytime throughout the conference period.

Symposium Workshop Sponsored Seminar


Program at a glance

Day1:July 3 (Sat) Day2:July 4 (Sun) Day3:July 5 (Mon)

ヘッドフォン : Simultaneous Interpreting

Presidential Lecture ヘッドフォン

I will be the avatar: The new care recommendation system for wound care management

Hiromi Sanada

Hiromi Sanada

Chair: Ekiko Sato (Honorary Chairman, JWOCM; Associate Director, Shin-yurigaoka General Hospital)
Speaker: Hiromi Sanada (The University of Tokyo)

JWOCM 30th Anniversary Lecture ヘッドフォン

Chair: Hiromi Sanada (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Takahiko Moriguchi (Honorary Chairman, JWOCM; Honorary Professor, Kawasaki Medical School; Project Manager, Kawasaki Medical School General Medical Center)

Anniversary Lecture 1
Research Utilizing the Braden Scale: The Expected and the Unexpected

Barbara Braden

Barbara Braden

Speakers: Barbara Braden* (Dean Emerita, Creighton University)

*Invited by ConvaTec Japan K.K.

Anniversary Lecture 2
What did dermatologists learn from WOCNs thru debates on wound healing?

宮地 良樹

Yoshiki Miyachi

Speakers: Yoshiki Miyachi (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University; President, Shizuoka Graduate University of Public Health)

Anniversary Lecture 3
As we meet at the 30th Conference of JWOCM and the 9th APETNA: From the past toward the future

田中 秀子

Hideko Tanaka

Speakers: Hideko Tanaka (Professor, Shukutoku University; President, JWOCM)

Special Lecture ヘッドフォン

Special Lecture 1
Battling Biofilms—Winning the War on Wounds

Gregory Schultz

Gregory Schultz

Chair: Masahiro Tachi (Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University School of Medicine; Akaishikai Akaishi Hospital)
Speaker: Gregory Schultz* (University of Florida)

*Invited by Smith + Nephew

Special Lecture 2
Courage to Open the Next Door

Hiromi Go

Hiromi Go

Chair: Hiromi Sanada (The University of Tokyo)
Speaker: Hiromi Go (Singer)

Special Lecture 3
Healthcare/Medical Technologies Required for An Aging Society with Low Birthrate

Ichiro Sakuma

Ichiro Sakuma

Chair: Teketoshi Mori (The University of Tokyo)
Speaker: Ichiro Sakuma (The University of Tokyo)

Special Lecture 4
My precious stoma

Shungicu Uchida
Taken by: Chikashi Suzuki

Shungicu Uchida

Chair: Keiko Tokunaga (Miyagi University)
Speaker: Shungicu Uchida (Cartoonist)

Educational Lecture ヘッドフォン

Educational Lecture 1
Reconsidering the Value of Case Study Research for Nursing

Noriko Yamamoto-Mitani

Noriko Yamamoto-Mitani

Chairs: Yuwadee Kestsumpun (Thai Enterostomal Therapy Society)
Makoto Oe (Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University)
Speaker: Noriko Yamamoto-Mitani (The University of Tokyo)

Educational Lecture 2
Challenge for Scarless Wound Healing by Advanced Skin Regeneration Technologies

Hao-Chih Tai

Hao-Chih Tai

Chair: Shigehiko Kawakami (Kanazawa Medical University)
Speaker: Hao-Chih Tai (National Taiwan University)

Symposium ヘッドフォン

Symposium 1
State-of-the-art Skin Tear Management

Keryln Carville

Keryln Carville

Chairs: Keryln Carville (Curtin University)
Ong Choo Eng (Singapore General Hospital)
Chizuko Konya (Ishikawa Prefecture Nursing University)
Masatoshi Abe (Sapporo Dermatology Clinic)
Keynote: Keryln Carville* (Curtin University)
Speakers: Ong Choo Eng (Singapore General Hospital)
Takafumi Kadono (St. Marianna University School of Medicine)
Mihoko Ishizawa (Nara Medical University)

*Invited by Mölnlycke Health Care AB

Symposium 2
Improving Outcomes in Lymphoedema Patients

Christine J Moffatt

Christine J Moffatt

Chairs: Christine J Moffatt (Nottingham Trent University)
Widasari Sri Gitarja (WOCARE Clinic)
Junko Sugama (Fujita Health University)
Shigeru Ichioka (Saitama Medical University)
Keynote: Christine J Moffatt* (Nottingham Trent University)
Speakers: Robyn Rayner (Curtin University)
Akitatsu Hayashi (Kameda Medical Center)
Misako Dai (Fujita Health University)

*Invited by Batel Plus Corporation

Symposium 3
Advances in Wound Technology

Barbara Bates-Jensen

Barbara Bates-Jensen

Chairs: Barbara Bates-Jensen (University of California, Los Angeles)
Suriadi Jais (Kitamura Clinic)
Makiko Tanaka (Yamaguchi Prefecture University)
Mayumi Okuwa (Kanazawa University)
Keynote: Barbara Bates-Jensen* (University of California, Los Angeles)
Speakers: Suriadi Jais (Kitamura Clinic)
Miki Masada (Mitoyo General Hospital)
Zenzo Isogai (National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology)

*Invited by Shorinsha Inc.

Symposium 4
Advanced Continence Care for Older Adults

Diane K Newman

Diane K Newman

Chairs: Diane K Newman (University of Pennsylvania)
Haryanto (School of Nursing Science of Muhammadiyah Pontianak)
Yukio Honma (Japanese Red Cross Medical Center)
Kaoru Nishimura (Continence Japan Co., Ltd.)
Keynote: Diane K Newman (University of Pennsylvania)
Speakers: Haryanto (School of Nursing Science of Muhammadiyah Pontianak)
Mikako Yoshida (Tohoku University School of Medicine)
Motofumi Suzuki (Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital)

Symposium 5
Next-generation Stoma Care Management

Po-Jui Yu

Po-Jui Yu

Chairs: Po-Jui Yu (Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital)
Chak-hau Pang (Yan Chai Hospital)
Keiji Kouda (Teikyo University Medical Center)
Hitomi Kataoka (Yamagata University)
Keynote: Po-Jui Yu (Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital)
Speakers: Chak-hau Pang (Yan Chai Hospital)
Yuji Nishizawa (National Cancer Center Hospital East)
Nobuko Matsuura (Cancer Institute Hospital)

Symposium 6(Asian Session)
COVID-19 related WOC Management in Asian Countries

Wang LingWang Ling

Pang Chak-hauPang Chak-hau

Po-Jui YuPo-Jui Yu

Yuwadee KestsumpunYuwadee Kestsumpun

Widasari Sri GitarjaWidasari Sri Gitarja

Hidemi NemotoHidemi Nemoto

Keiko KomiyamaKeiko Komiyama

Chairs: Hiromi Sanada (The University of Tokyo)
Keryln Carville (Curtin University)
Suriadi Jais (Kitamura Clinic, Indonesia)
Speakers: Ling Wang* (Peking University Peopleʼs Hospital)
Pang Chak-hau* (Yan Chai Hospital)
Po-Jui Yu* (Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital)
Yuwadee Kestsumpun* (Thai Enterostomal Therapy Society)
Widasari Sri Gitarja* (WOCARE Clinic)
Hidemi Nemoto (ALCARE Co., Ltd.)
Keiko Komiyama (JR Tokyo General Hospital)

*Invited by ALCARE Co., Ltd.


Only lectures will be distributed.

Workshop 1 (Sponsored by Unicharm Corporation)
New Excretion Care for Infection Prevention: To Protect the Health and Safety of Care Receivers and Care Professionals

Chair: Yuko Mizokami (Department Courses for Certified Nurses, Institute for Graduate Nurses, Japanese Nursing Association)
Speakers: Chie Shibuya (Department Courses for Certified Nurses, Institute for Graduate Nurses, Japanese Nursing Association)
Junichiro Tanaka (Excretion-care Research Institute, Unicharm Corporation)
Excretion care is an integral part of the lives of elderly people who require nursing care. Since excrement may contain pathogenic microorganisms that can be a source of infection, infection control cannot be neglected. In order to protect the health and safety of users, patients and staff, it is important to implement infection control measures based on standard precautions.
In this seminar, Lecturer Shibuya, an infection control nurse, will give a lecture on the basic principles of infection control and the key points in excretion care. She will also discuss the rationale behind different techniques while going over a series of steps for changing diapers. Additionally, Unicharm will provide information on the latest care methods and high-performance diapers. We hope you will find this information useful in improving your regular infection control measures.

Workshop 2 (Sponsored by Coloplast K.K.)
Close to the truth of Mio Concave: The right fit for outward bodyprofile

Speakers: Marianne Krogsgaard (Abdominal Centre, Rigshospitalet, Denmark)
Terri Porrett (Education Ostomy Division, Coloplast Limited – UK)
Videos provided by: Health Care Professional Engagement, Innovation, Coloplast A/S
This workshop aims to introduce a common language “Body Profile Terminology” to clearly define the issues of peristomal body profiles, to makes it easier for HCPs and people with a stoma to describe the peristomal area, improves communication, systemizes and standardizes care, treatment and training. We will show the challenges of outward body profile and how Sensura Mio Concave provide the right fit to bring benefits to ostomates with outward body profile.

Workshop 3 (Sponsored by FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd.)
Excretion and Pressure Injury Assessment by Advanced Wireless Ultrasonography

Speaker: Masaru Matsumoto (Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)
Ultrasonography is attracting the most attention as a novel physical assessment method that allows nurses to visualize the inside of the body. In the field of WOC, ultrasonography has been mainly used to measure bladder urine volume as an evaluation of lower urinary tract function to support urinary independence. Recently, however, there has been a growing need to use this technique for bedside assessments of both constipation and suspected deep tissue injuries (DTI). The performance and usability of ultrasound devices make them suitable candidates for use as bedside observation tools. In this workshop, under the theme of "assessment of excretion and pressure injury by ultrasonography," the capabilities of ultrasonography in a clinical nursing context and current research into ultrasonography, as well as examples of its use in clinical practice, specific observation methods, and the education program will be introduced.

Workshop 4 (Sponsored by Molten Corporation)
Noble pressure distribution care using robotics technology

Speakers: Chieko Hayashi (The University of Tokyo Hospital)
Aya Kitamura (Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)
Japan’s aging society and declining birthrate is, on a global scale, entirely unprecedented. In hospitals, the proportion of emergency patients and severe acute patients is increasing. Additionally, as the working-age population declines, the number of nurses and care workers is also declining. As a result, conventional pressure injury preventive care is no longer sufficient.
In recent years, technological innovation in information science has made great progress. By utilizing this progress and fusing both nursing and information technology, we can help to address our current difficulties.
The purpose of this workshop is to share the ideal way to integrate robotics technology and nursing knowledge and care in the near future. In the workshop, we will introduce the robotic mattress “LEIOS” developed in Japan through industry-academia collaboration as an example.
In the lecture part of this workshop (English / Japanese), the development process of the mattress and its implementation in the hospital setting will be outlined.

Workshop 5 (Sponsored by Daio Paper Corporation)
Preventive skin care for diaper users: "Prevention and management of IAD" based on IAD Best Practices

Speaker: Yoshie Ichikawa (Graduate school of medicine, the University of Tokyo)
IAD (Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis) is a dermatitis caused by contact of urine or stool (or both) with the skin, and is a skin disorder that often needs to be prevented and managed in elderly people with incontinence.
The Japanese Society of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Management published IAD Best Practice in 2019 after a consensus symposium. In this book, the basic principle of care includes "Cleansing", "Moisturizing", "Protection", and "Collection." Among these, we are going to focus on "collection," in particular on "diapers and absorbent pads," which are indispensable for incontinence management. In this workshop participants will learn appropriate "collection" methods according to the characteristics of excrement.

Workshop 6 (Sponsored by Saraya Co., Ltd.)
Pathogenesis and diagnosis of biofilms in chronic wounds: The emerging role of blotting technology

Speaker: Nai-Chen Cheng (Department of Surgery, National Taiwan University Hospital and College of Medicine)
In the recent years, due to reports about biofilms on chronic wounds, emphasis is given to biofilm-based wound care management in which wounds are managed depending on the presence or absence of biofilms. This workshop will introduce the pathophysiology of wound biofilms and clinically relevant biofilm detection techniques.
Prof. Nai-Chen Cheng will provide us a lecture on the pathophysiology of biofilms in chronic wounds, as well as wound blotting technology (a new inspection method for wound biofilms) and how to use it.

Workshop 7 (Sponsored by CAPE Co., Ltd.)
New pressure redistribution; A small shift system in the support surface

Chair: Mayumi Okuwa (Kanazawa University)
Speaker: Junko Sugama (Fujita Health University)
This workshop will be an opportunity for the participants to share what they are troubled with in their daily care, as well as the use of small changes and innovations in pressure injury prevention, posture management, and repositioning to maximize patients’ comfort. We will show specific examples of using the air mattress with the small change function (LAGUNA) in the home care setting.

Workshop 8
ICT is changing wound care

Speaker: Shinsuke Muto (Tetsuyu Institute Medical Corporation)
In order for home care patients with pressure injuries to be able to receive expert wound care without the limitations of location, it is expected that teleconsultations with Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses will be possible. In this presentation, Dr. Muto will introduce the situation in Singapore, where home care and telemedicine are being promoted, as well as the CARES4WOUNDS application for wound management.

Workshop 9
AI-Based Classification of DESIGN-R and Skin Tear

Speakers: Hiroshi Noguchi (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University)
Taketoshi Mori (Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center, The University of Tokyo)
The development of ICT technology for collecting and storing big data including images and sensor information, and the advancement of AI technology based on deep learning which uses multi-layered network learning, are being applied to the medical field. In the field of wound care, digital cameras, ultrasound, and other images and videos are being captured in clinical settings and processed, sometimes in real time, to reflect the results in care. In this workshop, we introduce a method to identify images for STAR classification and DESIGN-R categorization using the latest AI technology. The technique, which has been developed since around 2016, is based on U-net, and has achieved a correct answer rate of over 90% for wound area estimation and 80% for severity estimation. The method is expected to be implemented in smartphones or tablet-type devices to support handy decision making and cloud collection.

Sponsored Seminar

*Sponsored seminars will be available anytime throughout the conference period.

Sponsored Seminar 1 (Sponsored by ALCARE Co., Ltd.)
How to Protect Peristomal Skin -The Evaluation of Skin Barriers Containing Ceramide in Japan and China-

Chair: Ryoichi Kamide (Hihuno Clinic Ningyocho)
Speakers: Skin Barrier Functions and Peristomal Skin Environment
Ryoichi Kamide (Hihuno Clinic Ningyocho)
The Evaluation of Skin Barrier Containing Ceramide
Meichun Zheng (Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center)
The Evaluation of Skin Barrier Containing Ceramide in Japan
Akiko Egawa (The Jikei University Hospital)

Oral Presentation


Organized Session

Case report: Let’s share our practice experience! (wound care, continence care, skin care)
Next-generation WOC management (wound care, continence care)
COVID-19 related WOC management

General Session

Wound care (pressure ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer, trauma, wound infection, Werner syndrome)
Stoma care
Skin care
Basic research (continence care, skin care, wound care)

* Oral presentations will be available anytime throughout the conference period.



Organized Session

Case report (wound care, stoma care, continence care)
Next-generation WOC management
COVID-19 related WOC management

General Session

Wound care
Stoma care
Skin care
Continence care (urinary continence, fecal continence, incontinence-associated dermatitis)
Education & Policy
Multidisciplinary approach
Advanced practice nurse activity
Basic research

* ePosters will be available anytime throughout the conference period.