Call for Abstracts

(As of March 24, 2020)

Abstract Submission Period

Abstract submission has been closed. Thank you very much for your submitting abstract.

WCES 2020/JSES 2020/ELSA 2020 will feature an outstanding scientific program bringing together national and international communities of doctors, residents, trainees, and medical staff engaged in the field of endoscopic surgery. Participants who wish to make scientific contributions are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts via the congress website.

Please submit your abstracts by selecting a related word among categories. There are two categories: I and II. Please first select an option within category I and then select an option within category II. The words will then filter into the session titles upon the review of abstracts. If your abstract does not fit within category I and II, please list your abstract in the “other” category. Please also indicate your preference of presentation style; oral presentation, digital poster or either. Sessions will be slotted based on the outcome of the review process.

Abstract Format

The abstract must be written in English and contain a brief, clear statement of conclusion.
The abstract body should be approximately 2,000-2,500 characters (about 200-250 words).

* For Medical Staff who is going to submit an abstract in Japanese, the submission site is separate and is in Japanese.

Presentation Categories

Please select the most appropriate category for your presentation.
The Program Committee will make the final decision on the presentation categories.

Symposium / Panel Discussion / Workshop

Please refer to the Scientific Program page for details.

Oral and Digital Poster

Category I
2Medical Staff in Endoscopic Surgery (Nurse)
Safety Management / Anesthesia Assistance / Education/ Others
3Medical Staff in Endoscopic Surgery (CE)
Safety Management / Maintenance Management/ Others
4Surgical Equipment and Instruments
5Emergency Care
7Brain / Nerve
8Thyroid / Cervical Part
9Mammary Gland
10Respiratory System (Benign)
11Respiratory System (Malignancy)
14Thoracic Sympathetic Nerve Trunks
15Heart / Great Vessel
16Peripheral Vessel
17Esophagus Benign
18Esophagus Malignity
19Stomach (Benign)
20Stomach (Malignancy)
21Small Intestine
22Large Intestine / Anus (Benign)
23Large Intestine / Anus (Malignancy)
25Gallbladder / Gallbladder Calculus
28Hernia / Abdominal Wall / Peritoneum
29Obesity / Metabolism
30Pediatric Surgery
31Adrenal Gland
32Kidney / Ureter
33Vesica / Prostate Gland
34Other Urological Region
37Other Gynecological Region
39Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Category II
1Surgical Anatomy
4Surgical Techniques
5Complication / Accidental Symptoms
6Reduced Port Surgery
7Robotic Surgery
9Operation Room
10Virtual Reality Simulation
11Navigation Surgery
12Energy Devices
13Medical Device Management
14Medical Materials
16Endoscopic Surgical Skill Qualification
17Day Surgery
18Clinical Pathway
19Informed Consent
20Risk Management
21Medical Economics

Prizes and Awards

Travel Grant

To be considered for a grant, an applicant should meet the following requirements:

  • Please make sure to click “Travel Grant” checkbox when you submit the abstract.
  • Applicant must be 45 years of age or younger at the time of congress (September 9, 2020).
  • Statement of your interest in attending and presenting at WCES 2020/JSES 2020/ELSA 2020.


Priority will be given to applicants from countries with limited opportunity to attend International Congress/learning activities due to economical disadvantages.
Once the selection has been approved, applicants will be required to submit the copy of passport and the confirmation letter of the head of department. This letter needs to be signed by the head of department and should state applicant’s current work.
For details, please check “Prizes and Awards” on the website.

Best Presentation Award

The congress will award to the best presenters who give the outstanding presentation. All the applicants who call for any sessions will be subjected to this award.

Karl Storz Award

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