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Instruction for the Online congress

  • In regard of connectivity and quality, we recommend the use of a LAN connection instead of the use of wi-fi.
  • Please login Online Conference Website from ACCP2022 in Nagoya website.
  • ACCP2022 in Nagoya website uses Zoom to manage and host sessions.
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  • All lectures (except e-poster) are delivered live streaming, and available at a time specified in the program.

User manual for online conference

Instructions and Terms for Online Lectures

When viewing a video of a lecture (this lecture) at the【ACCP 2022 in Nagoya】, you shall read Instructions for viewing videos carefully and agree to the Terms for viewing the videos.

Instructions for viewing videos

  1. You can view the video of the lectures during the period of March 11 to March 13, 2021.
  2. Copyright of the content of this lecture belongs to the lecturer.
  3. You can view this lecture only after you agree to the protection of copyright and right of publicity.

Terms for viewing videos

  1. You must not copy, replicate, edit, videotape, voice record, and transcribe the content of the lecture (including taking screenshots, photography, downloading and uploading all or part the lecture) without authorization. You must not violate the copyright or right of publicity or otherwise infringe other rights of others.
  2. You must manage login IDs and passwords and do not inform or share such information.
  3. You must compensate for any damages caused by the unjust infringement of rights.
  4. You understand and accept in advance that the online broadcasting planned for this lecture may include facial expressions, voices, comments of the person making questions.

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