ACCP 2022 in Nagoya


What is ACCP ?

Pharmacists’ roles in clinical pharmacy have already been established. Pharmacy curricula have been improved to answer the increased demand for clinical pharmacy services in hospital, community and clinical settings. Meanwhile, clinical pharmacy services have also been improved to ensure that patients get the best possible health outcomes.

The original idea of ACCP came from Asian pharmacists who were looking for organizing a conference in which they could exchange and share ideas on the concept of clinical pharmacy. In 1996, representatives from China, Korea, Japan, and USA met in Seoul, Korea to plan for the first conference. Consequently, the first East Asia Conference on Developing Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy Education (EACDCPPE) was held in the US in 1997. In that year, only 36 representatives attended (Please refer to the photos). The conference was planned to be held as biannual meetings by pioneer representatives. In 1999, the 2nd EACDCPPE was held in Shanghai. By holding the 3rd conference in Japan in 2001, the title of the conference was changed to Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) with the purpose of highlighting clinical pharmacy in Asia. With rapid development of clinical pharmacy in Asia, all Asian countries were enthusiastic for attending and holding the conference. In the 5th conference which was held in Malaysia in 2005, representatives of the member countries made the decision to hold the conference annually instead of biannually for enhancement of the quality of the conference.

Japan is hosting the 21st ACCP in 2022. This year will be a celebration for 25 years of ACCP. During the past 2 decades, ACCP has been a major event in the area of clinical pharmacy in the Asia. Clinical pharmacists have attended this prestigious meeting to share their knowledge and experience in vast areas of pharmacy practice and education. Clinical pharmacists from USA, Canada, Australia, and UK have continuously attended and actively shared their knowledge and experience with their Asian counterparts. Consistent with ACCP’s commitment to excellence in science and education, the 21st annual conference will work diligently to provide an exceptional interprofessional program that meets the needs of healthcare professionals, researchers and students in vast areas of pharmacy practice and education. The conference aims to share the most up-to-dated and innovative knowledge. Speakers spanning the breadth of academia, industry, regulatory agencies, clinical specialties and practitioners will present scientific programs organized into topic tracks that allow participants to uniquely tailor content selection to their individual interests and requirements.

Vision Statement

ACCP will be the leading force in Asia in initiating and promoting clinical pharmacy practice, education, and research.

Mission Statement

ACCP is composed of clinical pharmacy practitioners, educators, researchers, administrators, and other interested individuals that provide leadership, direction, advocacy, and a place for idea exchange in order to promote excellence in clinical pharmacy practice, education, and research in Asia.

Our Goals

  • Holding an annual conference designed to promote the concepts of clinical pharmacy and offer a place for dissemination and exchange of new knowledge and ideas in the areas of practice, education, and research.
  • Fostering the development of clinical pharmacy leadership and advocacy in Asia.
  • Seeking participation by practitioners, educators, researchers, scientists, administrators, students, residents, fellows, and others committed to excellence in clinical pharmacy in Asia.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary practice, education, and research models in Asia.
  • Encouraging the teaching methodologies of problem based learning, case based learning, and other active learning concepts in pharmacy education in Asia.
  • Espousing a philosophy of practice that identifies the patient as the primary beneficiary of clinical pharmacy services (patient-centred practice model).
  • Promoting the practice of pharmacotherapy that optimizes patient outcomes and develops evidenced-based practitioners in Asia.
  • Enhancing the value of clinical pharmacy services in the health care systems in Asia.
  • Encouraging the documentation of clinical pharmacy services and interventions in health care facilities in Asia.
  • Assisting in the establishment of clinical pharmacy services in all health care settings in Asia.
  • Disseminating/publishing new innovations and research in clinical pharmacy in Asia.

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