Digital Poster

Data Submission

Poster Presentation will be held by Digital Poster and will not have a debate.
Please uploading your presentation data by no later than 5PM, March 31 (Fri), 2023 (JST).
URL: It will be announced by email individually.

  • Authors should read the following carefully.

Data Preparation

  • Please prepare your data using PowerPoint (maximum of 18 slides).
  • Please use the following template.
  • As to the conflict of interest, please add the COI Disclosure slide.
Poster template (PPT) 4:3
Sample COI slide


  • Please use the OS standard font. EX) Century, Century Gothic, etc.
  • Please do NOT use multiple fonts in one text box.
  • If you adjust the layout of characters with tabs or spaces, the conversion may not be accurate.
  • If you make an object transparent, an error may occur. Please change the color without making it transparent.
  • Please note that hidden slides are also converted.
  • If there are many [Group] function in the slides, the number of copies may differ from the actual number.
  • Please refrain from using [SmartArt] function. If you want to use the SmartArt, please export it to an image and paste it.
  • attentionDo not save with a password. Also, please set [Protection of Presentation] to [Mark as Final] or [Always Open Read-Only].
  • Be sure to add the extension (.pptx) when saving.
  • Mac version PowerPoint is deprecated. Please confirm the operation with PowerPoint for Windows and save it again before registering.
  • Make the file size 50MB or less.

How to Register

Deadline: 5PM, March 31 (Fri), 2023 (JST)
URL: It will be announced by email individually.