The 13th International Kawasaki Disease Symposium

Date:October 29 (Fri.) – 31 (Sun.), 2021 (UTC +9), Venue:Virtual, Presidents:Mamoru Ayusawa, Yosikazu Nakamura


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As of October 26, 2021

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Memorial Lectures

Tomisaku Kawasaki Memorial Lecture PDF

Yuki Lynn Takahashi Memorial Lecture PDF

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Program Category

Memorial Lecture 1: Ⅰ-ML1
Memorial Lecture 2: Ⅱ-ML2
Memorial Lecture 3: Ⅲ-ML1
Tribute Session to Professor Tomisaku Kawasaki (supported by Japan Heart Foundation): Ⅰ-TS1
Legend Lecture (Supported by AHA): Ⅰ-LL Special Lecture: Ⅰ-SL
Late Breaking Session: Ⅱ-LB JSKD-APSC joint session: Symposium 6: Ⅱ-SY6
Parents Meeting:Tribute to Mr. Mitsuru Asai: Ⅲ-PM

Symposium 1: Ⅰ-SY1
Symposium 2: Ⅰ-SY2
Symposium 3: Ⅰ-SY3
Symposium 4: Ⅱ-SY4
Symposium 5: Ⅱ-SY5
Symposium 7 :Ⅱ-SY7
Symposium 8: Ⅲ-SY8
Symposium 9: Ⅲ-SY9
Symposium 10:Ⅲ-SY10
Symposium 11:Ⅲ-SY11

Moderated Poster (1): Ⅱ-MP1
Moderated Poster (2): Ⅲ-MP2
DP1: Epidemiology
DP2: Etiology/Genetics/Pathogenesis
DP3: Immunology
DP4: Diagnosis
DP5: Imaging
DP6: Acute Phase
DP7: Vascular Complications
DP8: Long Term Management
DP9: COVID-19 and KD

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October 29 (Fri.)

Epidemiology Around the World

“Tribute Session to Professor Tomisaku Kawasaki” (supported by Japan Heart Foundation)

The 1st Tomisaku Kawasaki Memorial Lecture

Legend Lecture (Supported by AHA)

Sponsored Seminar 1

Diagnosis / Clinical Examinations

Pathogenesis and Gentics

Sponsored Seminar 2

October 30 (Sat.)

Acute Phase and New Therapy

Yuki Lynn Memorial Lecture

Late Breaking Session

KD and MIS-C: Worldwide Epidemiology

Sponsored Seminar 3

JSKD-APSC joint session ' Prospect of Asian Guidelines for CV complications of Kawasaki Disease'

Animal model / immunology/Novel experiment (Basic research)

October 31 (Sun.)

Parents Meeting:Tribute to Mr. Mitsuru Asai / Our Hopeful Future

Richard Rowe Memorial Session

MIS-C and KD: Clinical Achievements

KD; New Approaches in Etiology

Sponsored Seminar 4

Cardiovascular Complications

Long term management and Transition


Summary of the 13 IKDS

On-Demand Contents (Almost Full Sessions except Sponsored Sessions)

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