Korea-Japan joint meeting for Vascular Surgery 2024

Korea-Japan joint meeting for Vascular Surgery 2024 Date:June 29 (Sat.) – 30 (Sun.), 2024 Venue:Medtronic Innovation Center Congress Chair:Hiroyoshi Komai (Department of Vascular Surgery, Kansai Medical University Medical Center)


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Welcome Message

Congress Chair:Hiroyoshi Komai

Congress Chair

Hiroyoshi Komai

Department of Vascular Surgery,
Kansai Medical University Medical Center

Hello, Vascular Surgeons in Japan and Korea!
My name is Hiroyoshi Komai, Professor of Vascular Surgery at Kansai Medical University Medical Center.
I am pleased to announce that I will host the Korea-Japan joint meeting for Vascular Surgery 2024. This meeting has been held every two years since 1999 in Japan and Korea to promote exchange of knowledge and skills among vascular surgeons in both countries. The meeting was suspended for 3 years due to COVID19, but was resumed by Prof. Min in June 2023 in Gyeongju, Korea. Although it had been a long time, many Japanese and Korean vascular surgeons attended (30 from Japan), and the warm hospitality and educational program made it one of the most wonderful meetings ever. This year, we are planning to hold the meeting in Tokyo in one year's time, albeit irregularly, and to make it as splendid as the great success of the previous meeting. This year's meeting will be held at the Medtronic Innovation Center, a venue with surgical technique education facilities located near Haneda Airport, which is easily accessible from Japan and Korea. The highlight event of this year's meeting will be a "hands-on seminar with experts using a simulator”. Experts who are currently active in the field will teach young surgeons the art of stent grafting using a simulator. In addition, experts in aortic and peripheral vascular diseases will give educational lectures on various topics. Of course, we welcome Oral presentations and Poster presentations. Awards will be given for the best presentations. Since this meeting is not only for academic exchange but also for friendship between the members of the two countries, we are planning to have a reception at the hotel in the evening. Moreover, there are many inexpensive and delicious Japanese-style "Izakaya" in the Kawasaki area, where the meeting will be held. Young Japanese doctors will guide you, so please enjoy the Japanese night afterwards as much as time permits. We also have a special dinner for senior doctors.
We look forward to seeing our vascular surgeon friends from both countries for the future progress of vascular surgery in East Asia and for a strong friendship between our two countries.

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