APFSRM2020 The 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery / The 5th Congress of Asian Pacific Federation of Societies for Reconstructive Microsurgery


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Daily Schedule

Dec 1 (Wed) Dec 2 (Thu) Dec 3 (Fri) Dec 4 (Sat)

APFSRM participants are able to join JSRM meeting without additional fee.

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APFSRM Presidential Lecture

Ryosuke Kakinoki, M.D. As a surgeon fascinated by peripheral nerve reconstruction; basis science and clinics
Ryosuke Kakinoki, M.D.
(Kindai University, Japan)

APFSRM 2020 Theme Lecture

–Looking back and pioneering the future of microsurgery–

Kazuteru Doi, M.D. Performance and Science for Reconstructive Microsurgery of the Extremities
Kazuteru Doi, M.D.
(Ogori Daiichi General Hospital, Japan)
Isao Koshima, M.D. Supermicro to nanomicro surgery: Neurovascular  preventive bypass surgery
Isao Koshima, M.D.
(Hiroshima University, Japan)
Fu-Chan Wei, M.D. Cultivating next Generation Reconstructive Microsurgeon
Fu-Chan Wei, M.D.
(Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chinese Taipei)
David CC Chuang, M.D. Present and Future for The Reconstructive Microsurgeons
David CC Chuang, M.D.
(Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chinese Taipei)

APFSRM President Invited Lecture

James Chang, M.D. Unsolved Problems in Hand and Microsurgery: Collaboration Between the East and West
James Chang, M.D.
(Stanford University Medical Center, USA)

Speakers of APFSRM Pre-congress Symposium

December 1, 2021

Amresh Baliarsing, M.D. Functional and Aesthetic Improvement in Mandible Reconstruction with Double Barrel Fibula Flap
Amresh Baliarsing, M.D. (India)
Sang-Hyun Woo, M.D. Practical tips of Replantation Surgery
Sang-Hyun Woo, M.D. (Korea)
Joon Pio Hong, M.D. Recent advances in diabetic foot reconstruction
Joon Pio Hong, M.D. (Korea)
Yuan-Kun Tu, M.D. The current concepts of microsurgical and exosome reconstructions for paraplegia
Yuan-Kun Tu, M.D. (Chinese Taipei)
Taçkin Özalp, M.D. Medial Femoral Condyle Graft for small bone - technical details
Taçkin Özalp, M.D. (Turkey)
Changqing Zhang, M.D. Treatment of femoral neck nonunion by fibular grafting
Changqing Zhang, M.D. (China)
Ming-Huei Cheng Vascularizedlymph node flap transfer for Lymphedema- mechanism and outcome
Ming-Huei Cheng, M.D. (Chinese Taipei)

Speakers of Instructional course lecture (As of March 31, 2021)

Ahmad Addosooki, M.D. (Egypt) The use of free vascularized fibula graft for reconstruction of limbs osteotcutaneous defects
Ahmad Addosooki, M.D. (Egypt)
Gautam Biswas, M.D. (India) Midface reconstruction - understanding its complexity and addressing its pitfalls.
Gautam Biswas, M.D. (India)
Zhigang Cai, M.D. Digital surgery technique used for head and neck reconstruction
Zhigang Cai, M.D. (China)
Emmanuel P Estrella, M.D. (Philippines) Surgical Management of Upper Type Brachial Plexus Injuries
Emmanuel P Estrella, M.D. (Philippines)
Jin Soo Kim, M.D. (Korea) Fingertip reconstruction with free flaps
Jin Soo Kim, M.D. (Korea)
Jeong Tae Kim, M.D. (Korea) Perforator flaps from lateral thoracic area : TAp flap
Jeong Tae Kim, M.D. (Korea)
Johnny CY Lu, M.D. (Chinese Taipei) Versatility of the Free Vascularized Nerve Graft in Total Brachial Plexus Palsy: the Chang Gung Experience
Johnny CY Lu, M.D. (Chinese Taipei)
Jiro Maegawa, M.D. (Japan) Methods for detection of lymphatic vessels in lymphaticovenous anastomosis
Jiro Maegawa, M.D. (Japan)
Kanchai Malungpaishrope	, M.D. (Thailand) Nerve Transfer for Shoulder Reconstruction in Brachial Plexus Injury
Kanchai Malungpaishrope , M.D. (Thailand)
Tae Suk Oh, M.D. (Korea) Aesthetic refinements in facial reanimation surgery
Tae Suk Oh, M.D. (Korea)
S Raja Sabapathy, M.D. (India) Volkman's Ischemic Contracture
S Raja Sabapathy, M.D. (India)
Bülent Saçak, M.D. (Turkey) Immediate breast reconstruction and adjuvant radiotherapy
Bülent Saçak, M.D. (Turkey)
Akihiko Takushima, M.D. (Japan) Advancement in facial reanimation surgery
Akihiko Takushima, M.D. (Japan)
Bien Keem Tan, M.D. (Singapore) Impaired Cholesterol Transport: A new concept in lymphedema pathogenesis
Bien Keem Tan, M.D. (Singapore)
Hari Venkatramani, M.D. (India) Managment of combined Bone and soft tissue loss in the lower Extremity
Hari Venkatramani, M.D. (India)
Xin Wang, M.D. (China) Functional perforator flaps
Xin Wang, M.D. (China)
Wei Wang, M.D. (China) From morphological imitation to physiological rebuilt: Rethinking of perioral inset for facial reanimation patients
Wei Wang, M.D. (China)
Yixin Zhang, M.D. (China) Sequential Perforator Flaps
Yixin Zhang, M.D. (China)
Bulent Özçelik (Turkey) New tips for distal finger replantations
Bulent Özçelik (Turkey)
Mehmet Armangil (Turkey) Propellar Flaps for Lower Extremirty Reconstruction: Tips and Tricks
Mehmet Armangil (Turkey)
Goohyun Mun (Korea) Advances in DIEP flap breast reconstruction
Goohyun Mun (Korea)

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