The 54th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery Contribution through Education and Innovation The 54th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery Contribution through Education and Innovation

EACTS-JSCVS joint educational program

Registration Fee

Term of Registration January 18 – February 24, 2024
Registration Category Registration Fee JPY 10,000
Hands-on Apply JPY 40,000 [Avaiability : ○]

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Faculty (Alphabetical order)

EACTS: Filip Casselman (Belgium)
Ruggero De Paulis (Italy)
Gebrine El Khoury (Belgium)
Hans-Joachim Schäfers (Germany)
Jan Vojacek (Czech Repubic)
JSCVS: Tatsuhiko Komiya
Takashi Kunihara
Yutaka Okita
Norihiko Shiiya (as a JSCVS congress president)
Shuichiro Takanashi

Program (subject to change)

International symposium: “Aortic valve repair cutting-edge”

Date: 2024/2/24 (Sat) 15:20–17:20 (JST)
Venue: Act city Hamamatsu, Main hall
(Accredited as a postgraduate course by the Japanese board of cardiovascular surgery)

Session 1: Controversy in aortic valve repair

Moderator: De Paulis, El Khoury, Takanashi
Commentator: Cameron

  • When not to repair the valve? - Fenestration, cusp retraction, calcification, etc (Schäfers)
  • Central plication vs free margin suspension (Okita)
  • Use of own pericardium – Is it justified? (Vojacek)
  • Annular stabilization in isolated aortic valve repair – Suture, strip, or ring (Kunihara)


Session 2: Congenital aortic valve disease

Moderator: Schäfers, Okita, Komiya
Commentator: Cameron

  • Symmetrical repair for the bicuspid aortic valve – Ratiolale and techniques (De Paulis)
  • Very asymmetric bicuspid aortic valve - Form fruste (El Khoury)
  • Unicuspid and quadricuspid aortic valve (Schäfers)
  • Aortic valve repair in pediatric patients (Baird)


Joint workshop on aortic valve repair

Date: 2024/2/25 (Sun) 8:00–14:30 (JST)
Venue: Act City Hamamatsu Congress Center 4F

Seminar: 8:00–9:00

Moderator: Casselman, Okita

  1. Aortic valve anatomy & pathophysiology: De Paulis
  2. Mid-term outcomes (Japanese registration data): Kunihara
  3. 4D-CT for preoperative planning: Komiya
  4. How to dissect the aortic root?: Takanashi
  5. Annular stabilization & cusp repair: Vojacek
Live demonstration: 9:00–10:30

Moderator: De Paulis & Okita
Commentator: Vojacek, Cameron, Takanashi
Simultaneous 2 operations
Reimplantation (El Khoury, Cameron, assistant Komiya)
Remodeling (Schäfers, assistant Kunihara)

Hand-on: 10:30–14:30

Max 32 persons (separate registration required)
Reimplantation: Casselman, De Paulis, El Khoury, Komiya, Okita
Remodeling: Schäfers, Vojacek, Cameron, Kunihara, Takanashi
(Lunch break 12:00–13:00)