Date:November 13 (Sat) – 14(Sun), 2021 Venue:ONLINE Conference

How to attend

Information for Chairs/Speakers

1. Zoom setting

  • You need to install ZOOM to attend this conference. Please download from website.

2. Pre-check time

  • Please access Zoom 1 hour prior to your session to ensure that everything is working correctly, and to access details regarding your session.
  • Zoom URL will be informed you by email from congress secretariat 1 week before the conference.
  • Zoom URL for each session has been already sent to you by email. Please contact congress secretariat (14aphc2021japan[A]convention[D]co[D]jp( Please chainge [A] to @ [D] to . )) if you do not find it.

3. Q&A

  • Please ask attendees by audio. Online attendees will post their questions from Q&A button in the zoom webinar. Operator will inform you their questions by chat. Please note you should open CHAT all the time during your session.

4. ZOOM Background

  • We prepared virtual background of APHC2021. Please use it.

Virtual Background

Your punctuality will be much appreciated.
Please do NOT open ONLINE conference website during your session in order to avoid DOUBLE SOUNDS.

Information for Digital Poster Presenter

Digital Poster Presenter does NOT need to be in front of PC on site.
If participants ask their questions, email will be sent to presenter automatically.
Please access to your register page and answer their questions. Once you answer their question, participants can see your answer in your digital poster page.

Information for Participants /

1. Registration / 参加登録


  • Please access to Registration page if you have not registered yet.
  • 本学会に参加するには、参加登録が必須です。お済でない場合は、「Registration」ページより参加登録をお願いいたします。

2. Browser setting / ブラウザの準備

  • Google chrome by PC (not mobile phone) is highly recommended. Please download if you do not have it.
  • スマートフォンではなく、PCによるグーグルクロームでの視聴をお勧めしています。お持ちでない場合は、ブラウザのダウンロードをお願いいたします。

3. Zoom setting / Zoomのダウンロード

  • You need to install ZOOM to attend this conference. Please download from website.
  • 本会議ではZoom webinarを使用します。お持ちでない場合は、ZOOMのホームぺージよりダウンロードをお願いいたします。

4. Question & Answer / 質疑応答

  • Please use “Q&A” button in ZOOM webinar. Asking questions by audio is NOT available.
  • Please register your question in each digital poster presentation page. If you post your question, notification email will be sent to presenter automatically. You can see his/her answer once presenter register the answer.
  • ご質問がある場合は、zoomウェビナーの “Q&A” ボタンから質問を投稿ください。音声による質問はできませんので、あらかじめご了承ください。
  • デジタルポスター演題に質問がある場合は、各演題ページ内より質問を投稿ください。投稿後、発表者には自動通知メールが送られます。発表者が質問に回答されましたら、質問を投稿した時と同じ画面から発表者の回答が確認できます。

5. ID and Password

  • Please prepare 1) email address(=ID) and 2) password which you set up by yourself when you registered.
  • Please contact Registration Support Desk via email (reg-14aphc2021japan[A]convention[D]co[D]jp( Please chainge [A] to @ [D] to . )) if you forget your email address or password.
  • Please note the reply from Registration Support Desk might be delayed on site. Please ask BEFORE this conference.
  • 参加登録時のメールアドレスおよびご自身で設定したパスワードをご用意ください。
  • お忘れの方は、Registration Support Deskまでメールにてお問合せください。(reg-14aphc2021japan[A]convention[D]co[D]jp( Please chainge [A] to @ [D] to . ))
  • 当日はご返信が遅くなる場合がございます。お忘れの場合は、会期前までに早めにお問合せくださいますようお願いいたします。

6. Log in

  • Please log in with your ID (Your email address) and password from the button of [Online Conference website] of toppage.
  • ご自身で設定したメールアドレスおよびパスワードにてTOPページの[Online Conference website]よりログインください。


Co-Organized by

Hospice Palliative Care Japan
Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network

APHC 2021 Congress Secretariat

c/o Japan Convention Services, Inc.
6-9-1 Minatojima-nakamachi Chuo-ku Kobe
650-0046 Japan
Tel: +81-78-303-1101 / 
Fax: +81-78-303-3760
E-mail: 14aphc2021japan[A]convention[D]co[D]jp( Please chainge [A] to @ [D] to . )

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