The 48th Annual Meeting of the Japan Shoulder Society

Date: October 29th – 30th, 2020 Venue: WINC AICHI Congress President: Yusuke Iwahori


Sports Medicine and Joint Center, Asahi Hospital
2090 Murahigashi, Shimohara, Kasugai, Aichi 486-0819 Japan
TEL: +81-568-85-0077

Congress Secretariat

Japan Convention Services, Inc. Kansai Branch
Keihanshin Yodoyabashi Bldg. 2F 4-4-7, Imabashi, Chuo-ku,
Osaka 541-0042 Japan
TEL: +81-6-6221-5933
E-mail: 48jss2021[A]convention[D]co[D]jp ( Please change [A] to @ and [D] to . )


Time Table

The special lecture at this annual meeting are "Multidirectional instability of the shoulder" by Dr. Shigehito Kuroda of Matsudo Orthopedic Hospital as a Japanese lecturer, and "Past /present/ future of shoulder joint surgery" by Dr. Felix H Savoie of Tulane University as an overseas lecturer. For the cultural lecture, we are inviting Mr. Kenshin Kawakami, who has experienced professional baseball in Japan and the United States and is currently active as a baseball commentator. As a special education lecture, we would like to ask Dr. Hiroshige Mikamo, a professor of department of infectious diseases at Aichi Medical University, who has been familiar with TV for the past year, to give a lecture on "COVID-19 pandemic & perioperative infection countermeasures in shoulder joint surgery".

The symposium of Japan Shoulder Society (JSS) has four themes of "Throwing shoulder injuries", "Thoracic outlet syndrome", "Multidirectional instability of the shoulder", and " Therapeutic strategy of unrepairable massive rotator cuff tear other than RSA " . We invite specialist lecturers from Japan and overseas as symposists. Due to the COVID-19 disaster, the number of overseas invitees was narrowed down to a small number of elites from North America and South Korea. From North America, we are inviting Dr. Felix H Savoie of Tulane University, Dr. W Ben Kibler of The Shoulder Center of Kentucky, Dr. Keith Meister of TMI Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Brandon Erickson of Rothman Orthopedics, and Dr. Ian KY Lo of University of Calgary. From Korea, we are inviting Dr. Joo Han Oh of Seoul National University, Dr. Jin Young Park of NEON Orthopedic Clinic, Dr. Sang Jin Shin of Ewha University, and Dr. In-Ho Jeon of Asan Medical Center. Way of participation and presentation will be chosen from the following three options: local participation, online participation, and provision of narrated PPT, according to COVID-19 infection situation.

The combined symposium of JSS and Japanese Society of Shoulder Function Research (JSSFR) has the theme of "Throwing shoulder injuries" again. In addition to the symposists of doctors and physiotherapists, we would like to invite baseball commentator: Mr. Kenshin Kawakami, BCS Baseball Performance representative: Mr. Ken Maeda, General Manager of Toho University and Toho High School baseball team: Mr. Yasuhiro Morita, and Secretary General of the Junior Baseball League Aichi: Mr. Tsuguo Yamamoto, to deepen the discussion while incorporating opinions and requests from the field as well as the medical side.

The theme of the symposium of JSSFR was "Age-based approach to throwing shoulder injuries" and "Conservative therapy for shoulder multidirectional instability". We will dig deeper, in the former, a difference in how to deal with throwing disorders when the cases are divided into boyhood and adolescence, in the latter, conservative treatment for loose shoulders that most annoy doctors and physiotherapists.

In addition, we would like to set up attractive subject and free paper sessions based on the registered presentations at both JSS and JSSFR.

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